ekhaya300Ekhaya Youth Project, Inc.

Ekhaya Youth Project is a Family Support Organization dedicated to empowering families and youth experiencing emotional and behavioral health challenges.

As a family-run, youth -centered organization, we believe that every person facing mental illness can effectively manage their lives if given the appropriate resources and support.

Our mission is to develop comprehensive prevention services by collaborating with local providers to deliver compassionate quality care to those affected by mental health challenges.

Ekhaya employs Youth and Parent Support Specialists with first-hand experience in mental health challenges and matches them with parents, carecgivers, and youth to help them navigate these challenges.

Specialists provide:
– Youth Mentoring Services
– School and Academic Support Services
– Direct Peer and Parent Support Services
– Advocacy Services
– Life Skills Training Services

Coordinated System of Care:
– An approach offered, through LA Behavioral Health partnership, to youth ages 0-21 years old.
– Goal is to assist youth in remaining in or returning to their home
– Services through Wraparound and Statewide Family Support Organization

Fresh Start Behavioral Health
Ekhaya’s mental health component of the organization by providing clinical support services. The FSBH Program includes Community Psychiatric Support, Crisis Intervention and Psychosocial Rehabilitation. The FSBH Program also has an education and employment component called YOR Program (Youth Occupational Readiness).

The Ekhaya Youth Project, Inc. ZeroStigma – NO SHAME/NO BLAME Campaign is our national mental health anti-stigma initiative where we focus on 4 areas: Awareness, Advocacy, Accessibility, and Anti-Stigma. www.ZeroStigma.org

Frontline Music Project
Ekhaya Youth Project, Inc. began the Frontline Music Project to raise awareness around youth Mental Health and to increase visibility of the NO SHAME / NO BLAME Campaign. In 2015, Ekhaya Youth Project, Inc. released its debut album Frontline, which won the NOLA Gospel Awards’ Best New Contemporary CD. In 2016, Ekhaya Youth Project will release a follow-up CD entitled Frontline II, which will feature Billboard recording artist and producers such as, Jor’Dan Armstrong and Travis Malloy.

Expansion into Jackson Mississippi
In April 2016, Ekhaya Youth Project, Inc. will enter into a partnership with the city of Jackson, MS. The purpose of the partnership is to create a broad-based partnership, which will help enhance the lives of youth and young adults in the Battlefield neighborhood. The partnership will focus on the following areas:

Summer Enrichment Program
A maximum twenty-five (25) youth currently in grades 3 through 5 and between ages of 8 to 10 years old. Tentative duration of program: Summer 2016 until Summer 2017.

Project STAY
Support Training for Adolescents and Youth

Community Resource Center
Battlefield Park will be used throughout the 2-year duration to connect youth, families, and members of the community to mental health and housing resources with members of community. We will need to obtain a list of resources in the city of Jackson and the surrounding areas.

Community Development/Enrichment

Project READ
An after school literacy program.

Get in Touch with Ekhaya

Phone: 855-376-4968 | Fax: 855-662-4366 | info@ekhayafso.org | www.ekhayafso.org | 1700 Josephine St. New Orleans, LA 70113